Suggestions to improve road humour in dubai

 This has reference to the recent article on traffic violations in Dubai.

To inject some urgency and maybe humour in the drive against dangerous driving,perhaps some add on stickers can be added to the existing stickers on the buses, cabs and cars.
These may include:
 Caution. ArtIculated Bus.    Inarticulate  Driver .
 Child Always on Board.   The Driver refuses to grow up.
 Objects in the mirror are nearer than you think.   So don’t peep.
 Road monitored by Radar.  Speeding means end of the road
Also, in the recent past,there have been number of incidents in which drivers have been detained by the police and referred to the public prosecution for apparently wagging their not to be wagged middle finger at other drivers,a charge most vehemently denied by the accused.
This can be addressed by compulsorily making the convicted drivers wear thick gloves with  sewn middle and index together so as to make the offensive gesture impossible.
Finally, to reward the majority of drivers who stick to all the driving rules and do not have a single traffic violation in a twelve month period, RTA ought to offer a hefty discount on their vehicle’s registration amount.

Armstrong gives fuel for thought (The National – News, 14 Oct 2012, Page19)

Armstrong gives fuel for thought
Damning indictment of a fallen cycling idol,
The National – News
14 Oct 2012

So, Lance Armstrong has been conclusively found to have cheated his way to seven consecutive Tour de France championship titles by indulging in a highly sophisticated doping programme ( October 12).read more…

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, the ‘ iron man ‘ of cycling has been conclusively found to have cheated his way to seven consecutive tour de france championship tittles from 1999 to 2005, by indulging in a highly sophisticated blood doping programme. While his reasons for doing so may never be known, the news has deeply disappointed  millions of people,across the globe who held him as a beacon of hope and  a source of  inspiration for the way he fought and beat advanced stage of testicular cancer.After Tiger Woods, another  big time real life super hero has been found to have been a fake.
Finally, it was not about the bike.It was about the adulterated fuel that helped that bike win.