Hotel rate rises are over the top (The National – News, 28 Feb 2013, Page17)

Hotel rate rises are over the top

The National – News
28 Feb 2013

Is there a reason why hotels across Dubai increase their room rates – sometimes by as much as five or six times – between November and April? A decent budget hotel in Bur Dubai, which boldly advertises its rooms via neon signboards for Dh195 plus…read more…


Hotel Room tariffs in Dubai

Is there a reason why hotels across Dubai increase their room rates arbitrarily  sometimes by as much as 5-6 times during the months of November to April.
A room in a 3 star hotel in  Dubai which is normally available on line at AED 600  hikes its tariff to AED 3000 during these months.
A decent budget hotel in Bur Dubai which boldly advertises its rooms via Neon sign boards for AED 195 plus taxes hikes its tariff to AED 450 plus taxes.
In addition some hotels also levy something called as exhibition/expo surcharge of AED 150-200 over and above the room tariff, if there is an ongoing big ticket exhibition like Gulf Food, Gitex, CityScape running during that time.
As Dubai is one of the most desired tourist destination in the world, with people from across the globe swarming here,a 30-40 percent price difference between peak tourist months and off peak months  is somewhat understandable.
However hiking the rates by 100,200 percent or more is totally unjustified.
But Dubai being Dubai, one is sure that there is a perfectly 
out- of -the world  explanation for this.
It seems that in summer months because of the excessive  heat and general lethargy, the rooms contract become quite smaller,so they are priced low.
While in the cooler months, the  same rooms expand and become quite big and spacious and hence are priced accordingly.

Some musings about the news (The National – News, 25 Feb 2013, Page17)

Some musings about the news

The National – News
25 Feb 2013

I’d like to share a few far-fetched observations conceived on a pleasant and lazy Dubai afternoon. First: it was announced last week that musician Psy would soon be performing in Dubai But then, Psy sent a tweet saying that he has no such plans for…read more…

Saturday Scribbles 23.2.13

A few far fetched observations and points of views on a pleasant and  lazy saturday afternoon.

It was announced earlier in the week that South Korean sensation Psy would be preforming in Dubai very soon.Then Psy tweeted that there are no such plans in the near future. Now, news reports say that another distinguished  South Korean Ban Ki Moon will be visiting Dubai soon.
So instead of Oppa Gangnam style, Dubai will get to witness Oppa UN style.

As Dubai is known as a land of  big ticket raffles and also for vague explainations when things go wrong, it would be a good idea to begin a a new ‘ Predict and Win a Car ‘; raffle. In this wekly/monthly raffle all NOL card holders will get a chance to predict a day of  the metro’s next breakdown and the winner will win a car that frees him/her  from metro’s vagrancy.

In Cricket  these days, captains with names beginning with letter C ( Alastair Cook, Michael Clarke seem to perform spectacularly well against India especially in test cricket.In light of this development lot of name changing is in offing in world cricket. There will be soon be a Brendon Ccallum, Darren Cammy, Misbah Ul Caq and Mahela Caywardene as cpatains of teams playing against India.
G Smith has been spared keeping in mind an ex captain H Cronje.
No to be outsmarted, Indian cricket board announced today that a new skipper will lead the team  against the visiting Aussies, his name- M S Choni.

Unofficial Oscar for the best human drama goes to Oscar Pistorius  for his role as lead actor in ‘ the man with the golden pistol ‘.