Justin Bieber in Dubai May 2013

While everybody is talking about Justin Bieber’s reckless driving on May 4th   in a Lamborghini, which endangered the lives of others, the question that needs to be asked is, Did he even have a valid license to drive in the United Arab Emirates.
From what has been reported in the papers about his general behaviour in UAE,including being couple of hours late  in coming on stage and also trying to get a drink at a Dubai hotel,one can safely assume that he was burning the asphalt on Sheikh Zayed road without being authorised to do so.
In such a scenario,as per the laws of the land, he should be charged, tried, sentenced by the court and deported.
However keeping in mind his young age and  international celebrity status,Dubai police can provide Mr Bieber with a ‘  good riddance ‘ ride to the airport in one of  their newly acquired, swanky new Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or a Mercedes.