Definitely Dubai

On a hot and blustery Dubai day, here are a few observations and thoughts about the world’s most prominent Arab city.

You know you are in Dubai when :

Everybody waiting for or travelling in an elevator look so transfixed on the screens of their iPhone,Blackberry Z10/Q10 or Samsung S3/S4, as if their lives depended on it.

The owners of Nokia, Sony,HTC etc prefer to have their phones hidden from plain sight and  generally carry a sad expression on their faces.

To establish upward mobility, a person typically begins the office meeting by placing his BMW 7 series key on the table.    Lexus and Infiniti owners are also known to do this. While the Hummer guy simply hums a wistful tune and pretends that he is way too cool to  even drive a  car.

A resident will calmly wait for more than an hour or more in the stifling July heat, for his car to be washed, scrubbed and detailed. Again, all this takes close to half an hour or more depending on the make of the car.The same chap will look totally exasperated and sound disgusted after waiting for about 5 minutes in a food court line.

A liter of bottled water costs US 54 cents, a can of Bud costs USD 1.36 while a liter of petrol costs US 47 cents.

All the trains are driver less while a decent percentage of car drivers are brain less.

Even in the sub 45 degree heat, tourists from all over the world will flock here to figure out, ‘ Dubai Summer Surprises ‘ !!