Dubai and Expo 2020

It does not require knowledge of rocket science for New York Times or anybody else to figure out that Dubai was and  remains  a firm favourite in its bid to host the Expo 2020.
As far as Dubai residents are concerned,it’s a foregone conclusion that Dubai will seal the bid on November 27, 2013, when the voting takes place.
This is because Dubai does no simply have a  ‘ can do ‘ attitude,rather it has a ‘can excel ‘ attitude in whatever endeavour it commits itself to.
With all due respect to the other bidding cities, hosting of  a World Expo does require  some existing  world class infrastructure and facilities and it’s on this score that Dubai is miles ahead of the competition. Be it its airport, roads, countless hotels and numerous shopping plus recreational facilities etc.
The government is friendly but firm and there are no bureaucratic hurdles to speak of.
Dubai is also virtually  crime free and is counted  amongst the safest cities in the world.It is also a multi cultural, multi ethnic haven with expatriates from over 200 countries peacefully coexisting with each other.
To conclude on a humorous note,Dubai deserves to win, as alphabetically also it features above Izmir, Sao Paulo and Yekaterinberg.