Slice of life….in Dubai

On quite a few occasions,dropping the kids off on the school bus at 6.45 am is as exciting as an edge of the seat thriller movie.
There is  high drama at 6.44 am, as you run from your apartment towards the elevator with your 13 year and 7 year old.
There is nail biting suspense as you wait anxiously for the elevator to come to your floor, not knowing if will be packed with other kids or if there will be enough space in it to accommodate all three of you.
Turns out there isn’ you somehow fit the kids in the elevator while you race down the stairs in your slippery crocs, with their bulky bags.
Outside the building,there is  dramatic foot chase as the bus is about to drive off…So you have your kids running in the front while you bring up the rear, flailing your arms like a jack in the blender yelling stop stop, hoping to catch the bus driver’s attention.
At times, there is also a Fast & Furious and James Bond like car chase as the bus has already gone off without your kids and your only option is to bundle the kids in the car and hope to intercept the bus before it reaches the  highway 
Luckily this time you did remember to carry the car key with you otherwise your better half also ends up playing a cameo in this chase as she needs to quickly rush from the home and give you the car key.
Small wonder then that hardly any romantic movies are shot here and Dubai is the preferred location mostly  for high profile mega thrillers like Mission Impossible 4 and Fast & Furious 7.



NOKIA-Disconnecting People

The announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia  for USD 7.2 billion hardly came as a surprise to most, as the Finland based company had been struggling to stay relevant in this era of mobile telephony dominated by touch screen based smart phones.

Till the arrival of iPhone in 2007, except for North America, Nokia absolutely dominated the global markets for mobile phones with its range of sturdy and efficient handsets.
However the stupendous  success of iPhone, quickly followed by a whole range of smart phones from Samsung and other manufacturers, running on Google’s Android operating system altered  the mobile landscape forever towards touch screen smart phones.
As an undisputed leader at that time, Nokia instead of recognizing the trend and taking prompt counter measures,chose to be complacent and quickly paid the price.
From  commanding above 60% market share  in 2007, Nokia’s share has shrunk to a meagre 13 %  and that too because of some impressive sales of its low end ‘Asha’  range of phones in India and other developing countries.Nokia’s Lumia range of smart phones running on Microsoft’s operating system  have barely 3 % share of the global smart phone market since its launch in 2011.
After Google’s acquisition of Motorola mobility in 2011 for USD 12.5 billion, Nokia’s,sale to Microsoft for USD 7.2 billion resembles a panic sale on part of Nokia.
Black Berry the former undisputed global leader in smart phones has already indicated that it is unable to compete against the likes of Samsung, Apple and others and is open for strategic acquisition.
The writing is clear on the technology wall,if you try to buck the trends , the bucks will simply leave you.