First timer’s guide to life in Dubai

While  Dubai remains of the most recognisable city in the world due to its various distinctive landmarks, for a first timer to the city  there are  numerous other ways to instantly know that he/she is  in Dubai.
You know you are in Dubai :
  • When the Government rewards you with  24 carat gold to lose your own body weight.The more load you shed, the more gold you get. 
  • When children and young people patiently wait on the first floor, for the elevator to come down from the fifteenth floor, so that they can ride it to the ground floor. 
  • When you walk around 200 metres  from your home to your car in order to buy milk,bread and perhaps few vegetables, from the supermarket,around 500 metres away. 
  • When you absent mindedly leave behind your laptop or iPhone or fully loaded wallet or all of these in a taxi and get everything back intact the very same day. 
  • When even after five years, you simply don’t know the street number where your building is located and  guide the visitors to your home by asking them to come to the big white and grey building with black balconies. 
  • When you and your family are stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a  dead car battery,but before you start to despair,a complete stranger, more likely an Arab gentleman in a 4×4, jump starts your car and drives off before you can thank him properly. 
  • When your monthly water usage bill is more than your electricity bill. 
  • When you are driving on the highway at the maximum permissible 120 kmph and are still tail gated and ‘ flashed ‘ by a SUV bigger than yours.
And last but not the least, you know you are in Dubai:When every year you really look forward to a four-five day weekend to coincide with Eid Ul Adha, but which always gets tragically divided into two parts,so you simply cannot plan a long out otown family gateway.

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