Life in Dubai from Expo 2020 perspective

Come November 27, and while  Dubai is almost certain to   win the right to host Exposition 2020, at the ground level, life in Dubai is fully or will soon be, in the  grasp of  2020.
House rents in Dubai are already up at least 20%.No explanations for the steep and abrupt hike are given and the standard one line response is, it’s because of 2020.
Electricity and Water Bills are  soon  going to be up by at least 20%. 
Why? 2020 off course.
Most schools have increased or are planning to increase the fees by 20%.
2020 anyone?
 Health card cost for  expatriates will soon be up from AED 20 to nearly
 AED 200. Why? 200 is a multiple of 20 that’s why !
Car drivers in Dubai will soon start driving 20 kilometres above the prescribed speed limit. Don’t even ask why !
All flights coming into Dubai or taking off from Dubai will be either 20 minutes early or 20 minutes late.
The height of all  new buildings in Dubai will have to be  revised upwards by 20%.
The visa validity for all visitors will be standardised at 20+20 days.Overstay will be charged at AED 20 per day.
Etisalat and Du telecom will offer a flat 20% discount  to all subscribers who answer their phones with a  2020 instead of  a Hello etcetera.
At 20.20 hours on the 20th day of each month, a mega raffle draw will be held and the winner will get a AED 20 million cash prize.
However this being a 2020 promotion, a  20% tax  will apply.
And by the year  2020, when the Expo is finally held, Dubai would have leapfrogged many many worthy cities  to become the 20th largest city in the world.



First timer’s guide to life in Dubai


While  Dubai remains of the most recognisable city in the world due to its various distinctive landmarks, for a first timer to the city  there are  numerous other ways to instantly know that he/she is  in Dubai.
You know you are in Dubai :
  • When the Government rewards you with  24 carat gold to lose your own body weight.The more load you shed, the more gold you get. 
  • When children and young people patiently wait on the first floor, for the elevator to come down from the fifteenth floor, so that they can ride it to the ground floor. 
  • When you walk around 200 metres  from your home to your car in order to buy milk,bread and perhaps few vegetables, from the supermarket,around 500 metres away. 
  • When you absent mindedly leave behind your laptop or iPhone or fully loaded wallet or all of these in a…

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