A day in the life of a typical WhatsApp user

We are no longer homo sapiens, we are simply what’sAppiens
Thanks to a smart phone application called What’sApp,most of us are  no longer deemed social misfits and lead an extremely busy social life.
Every morning, as soon as we get up, we type good morning,select a smiley face from emoji keyboard and send it  to the various What’sApp groups that we are part of. This includes groups comprising  of :
our paternal side relatives, maternal  side relatives, school friends, high school friends, college friends,  first job colleagues etcetera etcetera
This is followed by taking stock of what various members from various  groups had for previous night’s dinner and making suitable ooh-aaah noises about the same.
Next, Birthdays and Anniversaries of the group members and their wives and kids are  celebrated via cake and dancing girl icons.
Sometimes to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, we share a glass or two of beer or wine with the group members.Unfortunately these are not chilled so the taste is funny.
All the festivals and social occasions like New Year and National Days are celebrated with great pomp and fervour by the What’sAppiens.
Afternoon is the most busy time of the day   for the What’sAppiens in which the forwarded jokes and pictures received from one What’sApp group are dutifully shared by the other groups. The most popular jokes are the ones about married life and wives.
Also very popular are the jokes shredding Rahul Gandhi and the Congress. These earn lot of members, dozens of thumbs up and clap clap icons.
In the evening, depending on the profile of the group, the active lady members discuss the dinner menu and post pictures of the various dishes cooked by them, drawing oohs and aahs once again.
 While the members of the guys only group share racy jokes and pictures. Once again the more racy stuff bounces from one group to the other and goes viral and comes back to the original group as forwarded message. 
After good nighting everybody, the conservative users delete the messages and pictures that may get them into trouble at a future date and finally go to bed.
Next day,the whole process is more or less repeated.
In the good old social media free days, a KISS used to stand for: Keep It Short Stupid 
but now it only stands for: Keep It Social  Stupid !!