There are approximately 417 million WhatsApp users in the world and till last week, it was my firm belief that it is used mostly for frivolous social  activities like forwarding jokes and exchanging birthday and various anniversary greetings over various family or friends groups.
All this changed last tuesday, when my  father suddenly suffered a  brain stroke back in my home country and was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital where he now recuperates.
Since that day, my family’s WhatsApp group,  has became sort of like a private and interactive news channel. My sister who is at  the bedside gives four hourly updates about his status to all our relatives spread across the globe.
Sometimes, she is able to take and post in our WhatsApp group,  the picture of the monitor in  father’s room displaying vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, saturation rate etc.
This enables the doctors in our family to tell us all that he has shown a little improvement compared to the previous day.
The group  also allows my relatives to offer  words of encouragement, reminisce and post family pictures of happier times constantly and without any intrusion.
In these testing times,when a family member lies in intensive medical  care, WhatsApp is providing the healing touch to the entire family.