Justin…He’s just so ready

So,around the time the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens’ trailer was unleashed during the NFL game on Monday evening, A Liberal Force was truly awakening across the whole of Canada sweeping away the Harpers,Mulcairs, Mays and everyone in between.
Justin TrudeauTill Monday October 19, if you printed ‘Justin’ in the Google.com search window, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber arrest, Justin Bieber crying were the suggestions that google threw at you. However as soon as the election results started tricking in around 7.30 pm, another famous but under rated Justin started trending on twitter as well as  dominating the search on google.
Justin Trudeau, that Man from Montreal,branded a novice and lightweight coming into these elections and whose liberal party was at number three position when the whip dropped in August, had punched way above his weight to knock out the Conservatives and the New Democrats.
When the last results of elections 2015 were announced, the Liberals were up from 34 seats to 184 out of possible 338, whereas the Conservatives were down to 99 from 166 and NDP sank to 44 from 103.
Depending on which Canadian you talk to and which newspaper you read, various theories and reasons are floating around for a Liberal win and PC and NDP rout.Some of the more plausible or implausible being:
Justin won as most of the youth votes went to Trudeau as he promised to legalize Marijuana.To the youth,now there was a  very visible pot at the end of the election rainbow.
Justin won because Women of all ages fell in love with him and his ‘jock’ looks and voting him into the PM’s chair seemed to be the very least they could do for such a handsome man.
Stephan Harper’s ‘ niqab nakhra ‘ while checkmating NDP in Quebec, backfired on the Conservatives as the sizeable  number of muslim and moderate Canadians votes rolled towards the Liberals.
The Conservatives’ Justin..He’s Just Not Ready, advertising campaign,indicated that Mr Trudeau was good enough to run the country,after few years.To an ordinary viewer that sounded like an indirect endorsement..If he is good enough in a few years’ , he is good enough now too !!
In the 2011 federal elections,the Conservatives successfully wooed the sizeable and influential  South Asian origin voters into its fold and captured large number of seats in the Mississauga, Brampton and other parts of GTA and adjacent areas.
This time the underlying threat behind bIll C51 coupled with aggressive changes in the immigration rules particularly ‘ Express Entry Visa ‘ alienated the South Asian Community away from the Conservatives towards the Liberals.
In the end, Justin’s optimism filled voice saying, ”  This is Canada and better is always possible” worked better than Mr Harper and his PC party’s constant implied exhortations of.. This is Canada and bitter is also possible !
Meanwhile back in India, after Justin’s massive win, a certain gentleman going by the name RahulG sharing the same pedigree and image perception as Justin is dizzy with optimism & hope and is applying for a ‘tatkal’ Canadian visa to come and personally figure out how Justin and the Liberals went from Chumps  to Champs.

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