Yet another global T20 cricket league is all set to make its debut this year.This latest addition to the global roster of T20 leagues will be called ICL or International Cheaters League.

All the cricketers of the world would be eligible to participate in this new league provided they fulfill one simple condition.They must have the honor of being banned by their cricket board for an offense which brought the game into disrepute.

The annual contracts for the ICL will be handed out based on the offense committed by a particular cricketer.Cricketers banned for serious breaches like match fixing, spot fixing, ball tampering will get the most $$ while those banned for minor transgressions like questioning an umpire’s decision, excessive appealing will get lesser $ value contracts.

Erstwhile Chairman of IPL, Lalit Modi will be the Commissioner of ICL and the league will comprise of 4 teams in its first year. The teams and their owners are :
Based on their recent and past history, a number of top players have gained automatic entry into the players’ pool for the ICL.These include Steve Smith, David Warner, Cameron Bancroft, Mohammad Amir, Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, Faf Du Plessis, S Sreesanth and many such players of similar sterling record.
Other players keen to make it into an ICL franchise will have to provide some kind of proof that they cheated during a match.

Each ICL team will have an official fixer.This would be a retired cricketer with a proven track record of cheating at an international level.Past players like Herschelle Gibbs, Chris Cairns, Salim Malik, Mohammad Azharuddin, Manoj Prabhakar, Shane Warne, Mark Waugh have thrown in their hats for this coveted position.The main responsibility of a team’s designated fixer would be to liaise with their team’s players and the bookies spread across the world.

ICL will be an annual tournament promoted by Russian Olympic Federation who have years of extensive experience in the science of international cheating in various sporting disciplines.The matches will be held at the Sharjah cricket stadium, as it has all the facilities, a robust infrastructure and proven track record in various forms of cheating.

The funding for the International Cheaters League will be provided by a consortium of Banks, led by Punjab National Bank.
 The IT and analytical support will be provided by Cambridge Analytica while Facebook will be the social media partner of the tournament. Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg has been roped in as a brand ambassador of ICL.
Volkswagen will be chief sponsors ICL.Commenting on their association with ICL, a VW spokesperson said,” As part of our corporate legacy, we at Volkswagen are always looking to associate with anything that encourages and rewards the art of cheating and it is our belief that ICL will be a good fit for VW.”

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